Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Fast Start Bonus Pool!

The FAST START BONUS pool consists of 5% of all sales for the month. The company gives a share of the pool to anyone who signed up 5 people in that month with a minimum order of $120 who is on AUTOSHIP. Sign up 10 people and you receive 2 shares and so on. In the month of November that share was $1,400. It was $700 per share in December! (Yep! that's per share). And it's also on top of the Fast Start Bonus.

Estimates are that this Bonus will be between $700.00 and $1500.00 per month.

The monthly “SHARE” value of course will depend on the total sales volume per month and the number of shares received by distributors.

Click Here For Fast Start & Fast Start Bonus Pool Video Overview!

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Zrii Offers a Matching Bonus!

Another element in Zrii’s compensation plan is the Matching Bonus!

With Zrii’s compensation plan you are rewarded a 10% to 20% matching bonus on the unilevel commissions made by those individuals you have personally sponsored.

To view Zrii’s compensation plan click here!

Anyone with the rank of Independent Executive, to the rank of 1 Star, or 2 Star Executive receives a matching bonus of 10% on the total unilevel commissions made by those you have personally sponsored.

With a rank of 3 Star to 5 Star Executive the matching bonus increases to 15%.

From 6 Star Executive on, the matching bonus grows to 20% on the total unilevel commissions made by those you have personally sponsored.

Just consider that you are a 6 Star Executive (w/20% matching bonus) and you’ve helped 5 personally sponsored executives build their unilevel commissions to just $1000.

What would that mean to you?

It would mean that on top of YOUR OWN unilevel commission, you’ll receive an additional $200 per person, on each of those 5 people, or in other words, a total of an additional $1000, in matching bonuses ea month.

Imagine then helping these personally enrolled executives increase their unilevel commissions to $10,000 a month. What that would mean for you is an additional $2000 per executive or a total of $10,000 in matching bonuses. And the sky is the limit!

Help your personally sponsored executives increase their unilevel commission and you increase YOURS along with increasing YOUR MATCHING BONUS.

With Zrii! You have a Win/Win Situation!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Zrii's Founder's Bonus (Paid Annually)

What is the Founders Bonus and how does it work?

The Zrii Founders Bonus is offered to everyone who attains the rank of 7 Star Executive or above within the 1st year of a country launch.

For US & Canada that means, anyone who obtains this rank before Oct 1st 08 will receive one share of 2% of the new markets commissionable sales paid as a royalty. For each successive year, this bonus is 1%.

In order to continue to participate in the Founders Bonus this rank must be maintained 9 out of 12 months in a calendar year.

What does it take to be a 7 Star Executive?

By the time you reach 7 Star Executive your monthly autoship must equal at least $240 worth of product. This translates to PV/personal volume.

You must also have 100,000 in Organizational Volume, within 3 legs, with a maximum of 60% of this volume in any leg and 3, 3 Star Executives within your organization.

What does it take to be a 3 Star Executive?

A 3 Star Executive must have $120 monthly PV and $5000 in Organizational Volume.

Note: In Zrii, your personal sale volume is included in the Organizational Sales Volume. Personal Volume (PV) requirements may be satisfied through personal autoship (AS) or retail customer orders.

The Founders Bonus will be closed to the US & Canada Markets after Oct 1st of this year.

But don’t Worry... If you don’t make it to 7 Star by Oct 1st of 08, you can always try again.

Zrii’s next launch will be Mexico, Israel, then Japan.

Make 7 star in any or all of those new markets within 1 year of launch and you will be eligible for the Founder's Bonus for that Market.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hello we’re Darlene & Doug! Welcome to our Blog!

We created this page to help you get to know us a little better.

Doug & I have been researching health for about 8 years now. Our interest in health peaked after doctors almost killed me with prescribed medications. It was only years later, in failing health that a simple Christian Health Program pinpointed step by step why my health had deteriorated in the first place. Now I had the task of getting off medication, changing my lifestyle and rebuilding my body.

We took this opportunity to delve into research on alternative health which then led to writing health articles, blogs and pages on social networking sites to pass along what we had learned to others. Along the way we found our way into network marketing, because like it or not there are a few natural health products offered through this business model that are greatly health enhancing, however very few offer a substantial business & financial opportunity. That was until we found Zrii!

Doug & I joined Zrii after we researched the company intensively and believe it to be the most lucrative network marketing business opportunity for a newbie as well as veteran network marketer that has ever existed.

We now work Zrii full time from our home and are available at any time to offer support and training. We’d love to have you join our amazing team and will do all we can to help you grow your business. In Zrii, your success is our success!

Please call us at 502-363-0101 with any question you may have!

We are on a premier team in Zrii, which offers great support!

Doug & Dave are at the top of our team. They have created an amazing system for us called Zfreedom. Because not everyone is interested in owning their own business, the Zfreedom system offers a Business website along with a Product website. This gives us two very compelling websites & two different ways to market for just one price. Anyone can try the the Zfreedom system for 30 days at just $1. Then keep it for just $19.95 a mo.

In the back office of Zfreedom, you will find text, audio & video training on an array of marketing techniques such as article marketing, blogging, social networking, pay per click, ezine marketing and more. This system allows you to track your ad campaigns, rates the visitors to your site, allows you to buy targeted leads and much more.

Some other members of our team offer other incredible training & insights:

Craig offers training in principles of Ayurveda, personal development, and law of attraction marketing.

Sean (a compensation expert) & William both have been in network marketing for approximately 18 yrs each. They give in-depth and practical training on Zrii’s compensation plan and method of building to maximize payouts.

Frank (w/over 40 years of network marketing experience) offers practical belly to belly training, advice, support and weekly training calls, while being available to our direct team for special training & opportunity calls, and teleconferences for in-home parties.

Margie is a health advocate who has been in network marketing for over a decade. Not only does she have years of knowledge in alternative healing but she offers amazing support.

And of course ...

Doug & I .... As we mentioned earlier, we are now working Zrii full time, and would love to have you on our team.

Please call us at 502-363-0101 with any question you may have!


Darlene & Doug

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jump Start Your Business & Become A 7 Star!

Do you want to know how you can jump start your Zrii Business and make it to 7 Star by the end of September? Note: to learn how important that can be to you click here!

Consider this!

What if you could sign up 10 people with the $1,500 premium pack and 4 or 5 of those you signed up did the same. Then repeat this several times throughout your organization.

Sound impossible?

There ARE people who want to start their own businesses and if they knew “like you” that they could quickly make it to 7 Star by the end of September and be locked in to receive a share in the Founder’s Pool (for life) they could be highly motivated to make their first purchase of Zrii the “Premium Pack”. Especially if they knew that if THEY signed up 10 people with the Premium Pack “they too, like you” would receive $4,800 in Fast Start Bonus Money. Yep! You heard me right. How motivating is that???

As you can see by doing this, you would make back 3 times your original purchase of $1500.00. And from then on your monthly autoship will only be 2 cases of product (in order to qualify to receive the maximum 40% Fast Start Bonus Payout on everyone you sign up).

Not only that, but look at what YOUR organization would look like?

Well to start with, if you signed up 10 people with the premium pack, you would have $12,000 in product volume and would already be a 4 Star Executive. That’s half way to the 7 Star Ranking. Help several of those you signed up do the same and repeat this several times within your organization and you’ll make it to 7 Star in record time.

Remember, every one of YOUR People who sign up 10 people with the premium pack will also receive $4,800 in Fast Start Money. And don’t forget, each of these folks will also have the tools and product to grow their businesses quickly.

It only takes $100,000 in overall volume to become a 7 Star Executive. The only other requirements are that you have 3 legs, and 3/3 Star Executives (a 3 Star executive has to have only $5000 in volume) and no more than 60 percent of the $100,000 volume is in one leg. That’s it!

There are a couple of other things to consider also. When you sign up 5 people in one month, you are qualified to receive a share in the Bonus Pool. Sign up 10 people, you will receive 2 shares. These shares have been anywhere from $300 to $1400.00. If all 10 of these people joined in your first month, this money would be on top of the $4,800 Fast Start Money that you’ve made.

Note: To qualify for a share in the Fast Start Bonus Pool, enrollments only need a minimum $120 order on autoship. This can be a Preferred Customer or an IE.

Lastly as you help your people grow their businesses, you receive a matching Bonus on their unilevel checks. This Bonus depends on your rank, but as a 4 Star Executive you will make a 15% matching bonus, at 7 Star it’s 20%. So on top of your own unilevel check and on top of the Founder’s Bonus, you’ll receive a Matching Bonus on those you’ve personally enrolled. Sweet!

As always we welcome anyone who wants to join Zrii at any beginning purchase or monthly autoship level. However it’s always good to remember that by purchasing 2 cases of product on your monthly autohip you are qualified to receive the maximum 40% pay out on the 90 Fast Start Bonus (paid wkly) on everyone you’ve personally enroll.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Explanation of Dynamic Compression!

Note: Normally we view our organizations from the top down. However, to understand Dynamic Compression and how unilevel royalty bonuses are paid, on a single order, you need to look at your organization from the bottom up. When a case of Zrii, The Original Amalaki is purchased, commissions are paid by working back towards the top of your organization. Start at the bottom of this page and follow the progression to see how Dynamic Compression Works.

For the Video Explanation of Dynamic Compression, Click Here!