Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Review of the Zfreedom Marketing System! Zrii!

Note: Zfreedom webinars are held every Thursday evening at 10 EST.
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Now for the review:
Working from home, in network marketing or MLM becomes vastly more effective if you have a marketing system right? Well that depends! If you only have a lead capture page with a few autoresponders and only a couple of other perks then using this kind of system to create a profitable business may be destined to fail.

If you've been on the internet lately, which of course you have or you wouldn't be reading this article, then you probably know that internet marketing systems are a dime a dozen. Which ones work and which ones don't? That may be difficult to discern unless you've tried all of them or have talked to someone who has.

However a good marketing system should have these ingredients & more:

1. Multiple compelling landing pages which can be used simultaneously.

2. The system should give a good presentation and do the "selling" for you w/ high conversion rates.

3. Send professionally written emails "autoresponders" w/direction back to your website.

4. It should leverage your time.

5. Include system training along w/online and offline marketing tactics.

In no way am I suggesting that you will no longer need to talk to your prospects, because that is the cornerstone of your business. What I am suggesting is that a good marketing system goes a long way in promoting your business while leveraging your time.

I've used several marketing systems in the past but today I want to review the Zfreedom system. The creators of the Zfreedom marketing system (created for Zrii distributors) believe that they can help you attain the success that has so often evaded many with dreams of working from home. Let's look at what they offer and you can be the judge. My wish is that by the time you finish this article you'll know if this system is the system you've been looking for.

What components make up the Zfreedom system?

1. Currently the Zfreedom system offers 13 different targeted business landing pages. It also offers 6 additional landing pages for "product users".

2. Once interested parties opt in, they are presented with professionally written marketing copy along with multiple video presentations scattered throughout that promotes/"sells" your business for you.

3. Over the course of the next 130 days (first every 3 days then every 5 days) your prospect will receive autoresponder emails that again "sells" your business to your prospects and directs them back to your website.

4. Email campaigns can be changed by you to another category as needed ie Distributor, Warm Market, Product Prospect etc.

5. Live webinar training sessions are held weekly. These sessions offer training on the Zfreedom system and on the other tools & training available via the system.

6. Live prospecting webinars utilizing the contacts in the Zfreedom contact manager and other system features are held weekly also.

7. Other online marketing training is available via/text/audio/video in the back office of the Zfreedom system ie PPC, Blogging, Article Marketing, Banner Advertising, Social networking and more. Offline training is available as well.

8. The Flyer Generator in Zfreedom's back office allows you to print 11 targeted flyers with your contact info for offline marketing.

9. The systems contact manager rates your contacts, shows the pages and length of time viewed, and movies they have watched. Other features are a timestamp and note function, drop down scripts, additional prewritten emails and a feature to schedule a reminder call back to your customer/prospect.

10. All of the above is available plus much more for $19.95 a month. Those who upgrade to $49.95 a month also receive a toll free number, are able to create audio and video emails and/or have a personal video introduction on their website, hold teleconferences for up to 99 people and host their own webinars for up to 5 people, plus receive live support. You can choose either system for a 30 day trial period for only $1.00.

Other tools that are available for those interested at an additional cost are:

1. Postcards! Pick a postcard & have it mailed to your prospect, customer or distributor.

2. Phone Burner! Prerecord a message then start calling your prospects. If a machine picks up it will leave your message, send an email, and make note of these actions in your contact manager, all while it dials your next contact.

3. Leads! Purchase real time redirected leads that are immediately transferred to your website. Non-redirected leads are also available.

Of course not all marketing systems are created equal. Is this system for you? That's a question only you can decide!

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