Friday, January 16, 2009

Zrii is coming to Mexico! Join us!

I wanted to make a correction to the post below. Although we are taking applications for the Mexico Market NOW ....but as mentioned below product does not ship until January of 09 (nor do credit cards get hit until Jan 09 as well) I had an error in the time frame that you have to make it to 7 star in Mexico and thus be locked in to receive the Founders Bonus.

You actually have from NOW or officially from January 2009 til December 31st 2009 to become a Founder and receive the founder’s bonus. This will also lock you in to receive the founder’s bonus every year as business grows in that market (making this yearly bonus that you receive grow as well). That actually gives you from NOW (because you can start taking applications now) until Dec 31st 09 to become a Founder in the Mexico Market!

Here's the corrected post:

Zrii is coming to Mexico! Actually you can take applications NOW! So for all our Spanish friends who would like to take advantage of this ground floor opportunity we welcome you to take a look at our website at either or

Why is it important to start now? Good Question!

Zrii has what we call a founders bonus! This bonus is for anyone who makes 7 Star (that’s 100,000 in sales volume) within 1 year of launch into a new market. So for the Mexico Market this gives anyone interested who gets started in that market a chance to become a founder from Now (or officially from January of 09 til December 31st 2009). Some founders in the USA/Canada Market did this in a matter of 4 months!

See our post How to Make it to 7 Star quickly!

Here's how it work! The company takes 2 percent of the total sales of that market for the year and places it in the founder’s pool! Then they divide it among all those who are 7 star by Dec. 31st 2009. At that time no one else is eligible to become a founder for that market. Yet each year as long as you maintain 7 star (9 out of 12 months) of the year you will receive YOUR yearly founder’s bonus!

You can see that this founder’s bonus will continue to grow as the business in Mexico continues to grow...yet only you and the other Mexico Founders (those who make it by Dec 31st 09) will be eligible for the bonus.

Applications start Now yet product will not ship until January 2009 …nor will anyone's acct be debited until product ships in January!

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity please visit our website or call Darlene or Doug at 502-363-0101!


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