Thursday, January 15, 2009

Recent Fast Start Bonus Pool Figures!

Did you know that Zrii's Fast Start Bonus Pool paid over $450 per share over the last couple of months! We're don't have the number for Sept yet, but ith our continued growth it may be larger!

How do you qualify to earn a share in the Fast Start Bonus Pool? Just sign up 5 people with at least a minimum order of $120 worth of product. They must however be on autoship! This can be either a distributor or product user. But you're not limited to signing up just 5. You can sign up 10 and receive 2 shares, 15 and receive 3 shares etc.

Don't forget the money you receive from the Fast Start Bonus Pool is on top of the 30 to 40 percent per order you receive via the regular Fast Start Bonus!

Example based on the $450 Fast Start Bonus Pool!
Lets say you're at the 40% level. Sign up 5 people with the $120 minimum order! That means you'll receive $240 in Fast Start money for signing up those 5 people plus another estimated $450 from the Fast Start Bonus Pool! That's Almost $700! Sign up 10, that's $1,400!

Another Scenario! Say you signed up 5 people who purchase the Premium Pack for $1,500 (contains $1,200 worth of product). You'd make $2,400 plus the Fast Start Bonus Pool money! That's just short of $3000! Sign up 10 that's $6000!

Worth doing? I'd say so!

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