Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Seven Ways To Zrii Pay!

For detailed information on the various elements of the compensation plan click on the links below!

Fast Start Training Bonus (Paid weekly)

Be rewarded quickly and handsomely for sponsoring and training new people, with weekly payments on product purchases by those you personally enroll during their first 90 days with Zrii.

Fast Start Bonus Pool (Paid monthly)

The Fast Start Bonus Pool is a great way to earn additional income in any given month. Personally enroll five new people on Autoship in any given month to qualify for one share in the pool.

Unilevel Royalty Bonus (Paid monthly)

Earn a long-term residual override on all product sales within your entire sales organization. You will be paid monthly on up to nine levels of dynamically compressed product sales.

Infinity Bonus (Paid monthly)

Earn up to a 3% override on all product sales outside of your qualified earning levels, infinitely deep within your sales organization.

Matching Bonus (Paid monthly)

From those you have personally enrolled, earn a 10, 15, or 20% match on the Unilevel Commission check.

All-Star Bonus (Paid quarterly)

As a top-level executive, celebrate in the success of the entire company with the 3% global All-Star Bonus Pool.

Founders Bonus (Paid annually)

Share in 2% of the commissionable sales for each new market we open, and continue to share in 1% of total market commissionable sales during all subsequent years.

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