Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not with Zrii Anymore! See Why Below!

Hi Guys! We are no longer in Zrii! We just couldn't make a go of it. People are not willing to pay a $120 or $255 monthly autoship just to own their own business. Sure we signed some folks up but they didn't stick. They would purchase for a few months then drop off. We thought that was the end of our network marketing endeavors until we found TVI Express!

With TVI you pay ONCE - a $250 membership and you're in! NO monthly autoships or fees! With the membership you automatically receive a 7 day/6 night vacation package at a 3-5 star hotel or resort worldwide that you can redeem over the next 12 months...or you can transfer it to a family or friend.

You also receive a free website with opt in features, business tools and a travel portal to book your vacations and trips.

In addition you enter 2 revolving matrix boards where you can earn $500 then $15,000 ($10,000 cash & $5000 group travel pkg)over & over again. Plus residual! To give you an idea of just how powerful this is our sponsor earned $66,000 plus $4000+ in residual her 1st month and is training our team to repeat her success!

To learn more...check out the info below...then call Darlene or Doug at 502-363-0101.

Find out more information on TVI Express and see what your replicated website will look like. Click Here.
Start Planning Your Dream Vacation. Get a preview to the TVI Express Membership. Enter code: tvirocks. Be sure to watch each of the 3 videos!
Call Darlene or Doug for a brief introduction session. We can be reached at 502-363-0101. We do answer our phone and can answer any questions you may have. Or, If you simply want to get started, email us at and I will send directions on how to get started. Our Team makes signing up simple.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Check Out Our Video and Learn Who We Are!

Hello! We're Darlene & Doug! Welcome to our Blog! We created this little video to help you get to know us! At least as much as you can from a video! Anywoo...take a look! It feels really nice to come home!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Learn how to receive $15,000 over and over with TVI Express!

Watch these videos below to learn how the revolving matrix works and how you can utilize the boards to receive $15,000 "paydays' over and over again!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

With TVI Express You Receive....

1. 7 Days/6 Night Accommodation in a 3-5 Star Property

2. Entry Into One of the Best Teams in TVI

3. Lifetime Membership Access to Travel Deals

4. VIP Access to Members Forum

5. Free Website w/Virtual Back Office to Manage Your Business

6. Free Matrix to Earn $10,000 +
$5000 Travel Pkg Over & Over Again